Welcome to TrawlerCrawler.net!

Welcome message for first-time visitors, plus what's happening at TrawlerCrawler.net.

Welcome to TrawlerCrawler.net!

Postby Sitemaster » Sun Mar 08, 2009 9:20 am

Our mission is to create a Web-based community for trawler crawlers—men and women enthusiastic about voyaging, cruising and living aboard under power.

TrawlerCrawler.net is being launched to complement the interactive mailing lists associated with TrawlersAndTrawlering.com. For those who love the email format of T&T List and its sister discussion groups, the lists will continue to inform and entertain for a long time to come. For Listees, TrawlerCrawler.net will primarily be a place to share photos, documents et cetera.

Trawler Crawler Photo Albums, over time, will become a main attraction of this site.

TrawlerCrawler.net also features a Web-based version of the popular Trawler Buy-Sell-Trade email list, mainly so photos can be easily posted with for-sale messages.

For those who are happier sharing information and experiences in a Web environment, TrawlerCrawler.net will become their homeport on the Net with forums such as All Trawlers, All Trawlering, All the Time, and Happy Hour. For fans of smaller power cruisers, there's Smaller the Boat, Bigger the Adventure, and they can enjoy Happy Hour, too.

As forums are unlocked and features are added, information will be posted here, under Site Announcements.

Your comments and suggestions--and criticism--will always be welcome at Site Feedback, the forum immediately below Site Announcements.

One request: When you register for TrawlerCrawler.net, please use your real name, or your boat's name, as the username, so that the personal nature of discussions is not lost.

Welcome aboard!

--Georgs Kolesnikovs
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