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Tecma Silence Plus head

PostPosted: Sun May 03, 2015 8:07 am
by trawlerguy
I have for sale a NEW, still in the box, Tecma Silence Plus, white, marine head, part #3811.

It is the "tall height", "elongated bowl", "24-V", "fresh water" model bought new from Yacht Products International. Here is a link to the page if you'd like more specific information as well as pics: ... ctid=38111

I bought this for a project that never come to fruition and, although I'm sure I'll use if for some project someday (if I live long enough) I really don't have a need for it. I would like to get some of my investment (over $1K), back. I'm listing it at $750 but will entertain offers.

If you have been thinking about upgrading or have a project going, this is the best of the best and I bought in on the advice of Peggie after asking what the best of the best is...
Of course If you need a 12-V model, I'm sure the motor can be changed out and I would think a dealer would give reasonable credit on the new 24-V motor. Just a thought...

I will ship it to wherever you like, however you like, for whatever the actual shipping cost is.
I'm in Sothern Ohio, near Athens. If anyone has need for this, It would be a significant savings.
For additional information:
John Stone or