A-6 Polyform fender/buoy

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A-6 Polyform fender/buoy

Postby trawlerguy » Tue May 26, 2009 9:22 pm

Maybe someone here has a need for this...

I have one of these here in S.E. Ohio for sell. (45750) This baby is big. 34" dia and 46.5" tall. I had it in a tree last summer for kids to play on. It's in perfect condition, not cuts or gouges.
We have two white ones onboard now we use for docking but this one is red(orange)/blue , as in the link. When deflated it folds up pretty well but will still be, as I remember, about 20x20x10inches, guessing.


It's a heavy sucker, me thinks about 40-50lbs - still looking for actual weight, but I'll of course ship for whatever cost is.

Seems they sell new, discount, for about $300 so I'll ask $150 from anyone here that wants it.
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