aluminum boat

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aluminum boat

Postby Jerry rogers » Thu Jan 12, 2012 7:53 am

Hello Arild
I am searching for a Loop boat and have come across a aluminum hulled boat (40 ft) that on paper, looks pretty good. I am told (do not understand) that aluminum boats have special concerns regarding galvanic corrosion. The boat in question has 2 "heavy duty" isolation transformers. I would REALLY hate to have my hull disolve beneath me. Will these things protect this boat in marina's where boats are moored that have electrical issues? Are they enough? If we do not use shore power (only sparingly) would that keep the hull safe from this insidious corrosion? From my last 6 months of searching the web for loop boat candidates, it is exceedingly rare that I have seen aluminum hulls.
Many thanks for a marvelous service you provide to the T & T community!
Jerry Rogers
Jerry rogers
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