Canadian Triangle: Kingston, Montreal and Ottawa

Share experiences, ask questions and add knowledge about the Canadian Triangle which connects Kingston, Montreal and Ottawa via the St. Lawrence River, Ottawa River and Rideau Canal Waterway.

Canadian Triangle: Kingston, Montreal and Ottawa

Postby Georgs » Sun May 24, 2009 10:19 am

Tommy Terrific asks why we don't add the Ottawa and St. Lawrence rivers to the mix and expand the Rideau Waterway forum to encompass the complete Canadian Triangle.

Ask and ye shall receive, Tommy. Just tell us about your cruising plans, please, to kick off the thread.

For those not up to speed, the Canadian Triangle connects three great destinations, Kingston, Montreal and Ottawa, via an amazing waterway and two great rivers.

For those on the Great Loop, the Canadian Triangle usually means clearing Canada Customs at Kingston, down the St. Lawrence to Montreal, up the Ottawa River to Ottawa, and an enjoyable meander on the Rideau south to Kingston again. Another popular variation is taken by those coming from Lake Champlain and beginning the Triangle with Montreal.

The Triangle can be cruised clockwise, but most folks prefer to use the St. Lawrence to their advantage and proceed counter-clockwise.

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Re: Canadian Triangle: Kingston, Montreal and Ottawa

Postby hdandurand » Sun Jun 21, 2009 1:09 pm

My husband and I have done one leg of the Canadian Triangle and have had some great experiences. If you happen to be in Montreal on a Wed. or Saturday evening, there are fireworks hosted by various countries all competing for a trophy at the end of the summer. Each evening represents a different country. They put on a 1/2 hour show and many of them are to music which you can tune into on the local radio station. If you stay in the Laronde Marina, you are at the centre of where the fireworks are set off. Great place for families as it is also an amusement park during the daytime. We have a 48' Offshore Cruiser and are able to stay there.

When you leave Montreal, make sure that you visit and stay overnight at St. Anne de Bellevue. This is a quaint little town at the entrance to the first of three locks heading to Ottawa. It costs to tie up on their wall. Sorry, can't remember how much. If you don't speak French, don't worry as everyone tries to communicate with you in English; although it may not be perfect, you still know what they are trying to say. There are many great restaurants along this small boardwalk. This is one of our FAVOURITE stops!

The largest of the 3 locks on your trip to Ottawa is the Carillon Lock. I believe it rises up approx. 80 feet! It really is something to see. This lock is a floating pier so you can tie up. Good thing! When they pack in the boats, it is handy that we are not the ones 'holding' the lock lines and all boats tethered to us.

Heading on towards Ottawa, another great place to stop is at Chateau Montebello. It is a really quiet marina at Canada's largest/oldest log hotel. It has a fabulous 6 sided HUGE fireplace in the centre of the hotel. When you stay at their marina, you also get to use the facilities such as the pool, fitness centre, etc. It is quite remote even though the village is just a short walk down the road. Beautiful large old trees, lush green grass, loads of bike paths make this a FABULOUS place to stay! It is reasonable when you are in the marina but extremely expensive if you are to use their rooms! Beautiful place!!!

Last year we docked at the Hull Marina. Convenient location, but very busy. It is just a short walk from there to a lot of the tourist attractions at Ottawa. This year we are going to try tieing up to the canal wall once up the 8 locks by the Parliament Building. We'll let you know more in a few weeks once we get there! : ) Watch for us...
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