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DOMINO powercat

Postby dominomarie » Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:14 pm

Three years ago, we baptized the Malcolm Tennant Design 20-meter powercat DOMINO. We built the boat in Paraguay ourselves and, needless to say, were really anxious when we launched. What would break? What would go wrong? Well, we've been on the water for almost 3 years, having cruised some 18,000 nautical miles and checked in and out of 27 countries, with over 300 anchorages. DOMINO is a fantastic boat. She's had her share of adventures, including being hit by lightning in the San Blas just 4 months ago (no other damage than some electronics... expensive but not life-threatening). A good lesson that prompted us to make the boat simpler (as far as electrical and electronics) and improve our lightning protection system. We are currently in Panama City, enjoying Las Perlas, staying put for a year before crossing over to the Marquesas.
As for passagemaking, we are delaying our verdict. Our longest leg was just short of 1,000 nautical miles (South Florida to the Chesapeake) and no blue ocean. So, stay put for our verdict on true passagemaking and in the meantime check our blog at Happy cruising,
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