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Postby MarkandSaradale » Wed May 12, 2010 10:46 am

Hi Chuck.
I have two questions; the teak that wraps the base of the bridge on my Marine Trader 34 has deteriorated, escpecially around the corners. These are unique curves and angles. Is there something else I could consider using instead of teak and the maintenance associated with it>

Do you have any idea what colour/type of stain they (Marine Trader) used on the interior teak cabinetry and wood in the trawlers? I would like to try and match it somehow, after rebuilding some cabinetry.
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Re: Teak

Postby capn chuck » Wed May 12, 2010 11:40 am

I really can't recommend anything as a substitute for your teak corners, although other hardwoods like mahogany, etc. could be used. They will all have the same maintenance so replacing with teak would make the most sense. Unless you are well versed in woodworking you will need someone to refashion these for you. Our plans on Beach House is to remove the brows completely. fill the screw holes, glass in the openings and paint an accent stripe in their place. This may not set well with the traditionalists, but we did this on our last boat which also had lots of teak to take care of. It looked great and we never had to do anything to it again. For the interior wood stain, we use two. One is a natural teak and the other is colonial maple both by Minwax. Since so many variations of teak have been used in these boats, I would suggest you take a drawer face or step pad to your local hardware store and try to match the stain as close as you can. We always apply it with a rag, never a brush, and work it in until we are satisfied with the match. It usually gets close but is hard to match perfectly. Hope this helps. Chuck
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