vessel selection

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vessel selection

Postby utspak » Mon Dec 06, 2010 2:03 pm

Hello everyone,

My wife and I are interested in getting into trawling. We have sold are 43' sailing catamaran and now looking to change are cruising area to either the Pac. NW or the great loop. I have sailed most my life so not really familiar with all the different trawlers. I know boating is making compromises but what I would like to know peoples experiences with various vessels and how they are in these cruising grounds. We are looking at Endeavour catamarans, PDQ catamarans, also, older Defevers.

Thanks for you comments

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Re: vessel selection

Postby capn chuck » Tue Dec 07, 2010 10:41 am

You will find you have a world of options available to you, and what might appeal to me might be a terrible choice for you. As a former broker I will offer this advise. Get out and look at as many boats as you can. Walk the docks and talk with owners. Unfortunately, if you are in Arizona, your options may be limited. But get on line at Yachtworld and other listing sites and start reviewing different boats. If you have the opportunity, visit some new boat dealers and any boat shows you can attend. Then start making two lists. One for things you must have on your new boat and one for things you would like to have. Then you can start narrowing your list. Look around for boating sites and organizations like the MOTA and Trawler and Trawlering sites and start asking questions AFTER you begin to narrow the search. Asking, "what boat should I buy" is like asking "how long is a piece of string" and you will get thousands of opinions, most of which won't matter to your needs. Buying a boat is a very personal thing and needs a practical approach. There are major differences between a PDQ and a Defever in style accommodations, price, etc. So this tells me you are still very early in the decision stages. Before anyone can answer any questions, you will need to get much more specific with a short list of boats. Where you will cruise may also make a difference. You may want something quite different for the Pacific Northwest than you might for the Great Loop. I don't know if this helps you much, but it is the best advise I can offer. Good luck, the hunt is all part of the adventure. Chuck
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