CAT Diesels

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CAT Diesels

Postby Vincent P. Chianese » Mon Sep 14, 2009 4:30 pm

I have looked at a couple of boats with Cat Diesels in them mainly 3116 and 3126. Some where I remember reading something about Cat's and a problem, but I can't place may finger on it. Any comments?
Vincent P. Chianese
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Re: CAT Diesels

Postby ColonyCove » Wed Apr 07, 2010 11:36 am

I've got a CAT 3126 in my boat, and I heard this too; so I decided to check into it. While the truth is not exactly an internet myth, this story has persisted for over a decade. What occurred is that Caterpillar either built or had a subcontractor build some heads for the 3126's in the 1990's that were too soft. They were subject to early failure. In almost no case did an engine accumulating 300 hours develop the failure problem thereafter. There is speculation whether Caterpillar initially accepted responsibility for the manufacturing error. Eventually they did. The parts that failed were of French origin. The facts worth remembering are these: the problem never affected the entire production of this engine, it was eventually isolated and adressed, and the 3126 has gone on to become a reliable CAT machine. I would not, did not, hesitate to buy a boat equipped with this engine. The story does go to show how long negative reports can haunt a company's reputation.
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