Marine Polish 101

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Marine Polish 101

Postby Georgs » Wed Feb 03, 2010 8:42 am

All hands--

What follows is a PR release from Star brite on how to choose the right product for cleaning and polishing your boat. Do you agree or disagree with the advice provided? What products have you found that work really well?

Spring is coming. Time to start thinking about getting the boat spic and span again.


Before you put the boat back into the water, taking the time to apply a protective coat of a quality polish to all fiberglass and painted surfaces will make sure it looks its best and stays that way all season. In addition to a great shine, if you use the right polish, you can also remove light oxidation as well as seal the surfaces to provide a barrier to grime, stains and the UV rays that over time can cause oxidation. A few hours of effort on your part means the boat's appearance will be dramatically improved and it will actually be easier to clean.

In order to get the best results you need to choose the right polish for the surface. For new or newly-restored fiberglass or painted surfaces, look for a polish that will seal the surface. The shine you see on a new hull is caused by light reflecting off the surface. Light, as well as dirt, stains and grime will literally bounce off a tightly-sealed surface, giving it that glossy sheen while also keeping it clean.

A dull surface is caused by larger pores that trap light and hold dirt, grime and staining agents. These pores may not be visible to the naked eye, but if light can’t bounce off the surface, the surface can’t hold a shine. A polish intended for brand new fiberglass or paint is the wrong choice because it will only trap the dirt and create streaks, but a rubbing compound might be too abrasive, removing more of the surface than is necessary. The goal is to effectively remove just the oxidation and grime without harming the surface, while also filling in the gaps with a polish that will repel future stains.

Star brite® Premium Marine Polish with PTEF® is the ideal choice to protect and preserve new or newly-restored surfaces. Its high-tech, nano-sized PTEF® polymers literally bond to the surface to create a very durable, long-lasting barrier to dirt, stains, water and even UV rays. The PTEF® polymers make this polish a favorite among sail and powerboat racers who rely on its hydrophobic qualities to actually increase hull speed because it allows the boat pass more easily through the water.

Formulated to be easy to apply and buff off even if applied by hand, Star brite® Premium Marine Polish with PTEF® will outlast any wax or traditional polish. The polymers flow into and fill even the smallest, most imperceptible voids of the surface to deliver an exceptionally tightly-sealed surface that results in a dazzling gloss. It is also ideal for keeping stainless steel and chrome hardware shiny and rust-free. It consistently ranks at the top of liquid polish tests, year after year. It can even be applied to glass windshields to repel rain. (It is an excellent polish for automobiles, too)

Fiberglass or painted surfaces that have been exposed to sun and weather for several seasons may have begun to fade and will no longer hold a shine as well as when they were new. However, a rubbing compound may be overly abrasive to the gelcoat or paint, removing too much material. Star brite® Heavy Duty One-Step Cleaner Wax with PTEF® is specifically formulated to remove the grime and light oxidation that dulls the finish without harming it. This polish also contains PTEF® nano-sized polymers to protect and preserve the newly-restored finish.

Star brite® Heavy Duty One-Step Cleaner Wax with PTEF® eliminates the need to use a light rubbing compound and then follow up with a coat of wax or polish. It saves quite a bit of time time, effort and money by cleaning and protecting in one step. While it can be used with a buffer, its grit will quickly strip away light fading or oxidation even when it is applied by hand. The PTEF® polymers seal the restored surface, filling in any voids to create a smooth, level surface that repels grime and UV rays while delivering a great shine. It is the ideal choice for first-time users who insist on a professional grade finish with minimal effort – the same qualities that make it a favorite among pro boat detailers.

After the surface has been restored with Star brite® Heavy Duty One-Step Cleaner Wax with PTEF®, it can be maintained by regular applications of Star brite® Premium Marine Polish with PTEF®.
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Re: Marine Polish 101

Postby capn chuck » Wed Feb 03, 2010 12:42 pm

IMO a cleaner wax is a very short term solution with very limited results. The only way to do a true polish job is to use the proper finish and use a correct compound if oxidation is present. If the hull is in poor shape a thorough cleaning with oxolic acid, be careful, and utilization of cutting compounds and polishing compounds with the PROPER TOOLS, and a good quality wax makes all of the difference. Never use any polish or wax that contains silicone. Some even start with wet sanding using 600 grit and working up to 1200 to 1500. This of course is for seriously degraded hulls. If the hull is not too bad you might start with 3M heavy duty liquid compound with a proper wool compound pad on a variable speed buffer. After the compounding, use a lighter wool pad with a polishing compound like Finesse It. If the hull is looking good at this point you would want to use a good wax like Colonite Fleetwax APPLIED BY HAND. For regular maintenance you will need to be sure and not use a cleaner that will strip the wax, which in many cases is why you will here folks comments that the wax does not last very long. And most importantly, have fun. Chuck
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