TRAWLER info wanted and other things

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TRAWLER info wanted and other things

Postby CaptianKorean » Sat Aug 04, 2012 3:02 pm


what i am looking for is a boat that can go from usa to like Australia etc because i plan to travel the would fishing etc i know i was somekind of satellite internet that i can use anywhere internationally
not sure what kind of fishing boat to get i love crab lobster shrimp squid octopus mackerel pollock
shell fish like scallops clAMS
i been looking on the net about boats prices etc
how much are mooring fees usually?
how much does fuel cost??
what kind of licence does it one need to drive a boat and fish?

i not sure if i want nets or not
i know shrimp trawlers drag on the bottom catch by catch other things besides shrimp
then i saw oyster dredgers

what kind of boat is on hook line and sisters they tend to catch all kinds of fish
and use a small boat to put the net out to circle then fish

any other kind of info would be most helpful
thank you

you can email some mesages to
thx again
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